I absolutely love my MAJIGEEZ! They have solved all my annoying hanger problems. Now my open neck blouses and large sweaters hang securely. No more picking up shirts off the floor every time I look through my closet. No more droopy shoulders and annoying bumps ruining some of my most favorite outfits. Of course the MAJIGEEZ works amazingly with my husband’s clothes as well. They extend to perfectly fit his broad shouldered shirts and jackets, removing the need to iron out "hanger kinks”.

Kerri Umentum

Wow! This product does exactly what it says. I hung several sweaters while they were still wet and no annoying hanger bumps. Also great if you have kiddos who can't help pulling their clothes off the hanger while still hanging up like my son!

Jason Smith

MAJIGEEZ are awesome!!! I bought 8 pairs and started using them on my husband’s long sleeve shirts and pull-overs, and they are amazing.  Until I started using MAJIGEEZ I didn’t really realize how many wrinkles were actually in his shirts.  Once I started using them on his cloths I had to get another set for mine.  It’s such a simple thing to use, but it makes a huge difference in how our clothes look.  I’ll never go back to regular hangers again

Jean Henry

When I first got MAJIGEEZ, I thought to myself, will it really work? However, my skepticism quickly went away after the demonstration of its ability, and how MAJIGEEZ functions In my closet. MAJIGEEZ to me is like having a hangar butler hold your clothes up in perfect form at all times in your closet. That's real quality.

Marvin Green

I love MAJIGEEZ! Easy to add to my hangers. Used to get those annoying bumps in my sweaters that I couldn't even iron out but don't get that using MAJIGEEZ! Definitely recommend it!

Monica Walker

The MAJIGEEZ are awesome!! I was amazed that my shirts finally had NO bumps!! They allow you to adjust the size and that is definitely huge. Love these!!!!

Debi Couture

Love MAJIGEEZ! I no longer have hanger marks on my sweaters. Highly recommend!

Stephanie Smith

I just got my MAJIGEEZ. I love them. So very pleased easy to adjust. Will be ordering more soon. Now my clothes won't fall off the hangers. Would definitely recommend them!

Deborah Ferris

What makes MAJIGEEZ different?

MAJIGEEZ is the ONLY resilient and flexible hanger attachment in the WORLD!

MAJIGEEZ is also the only attachment that will fit on almost every household hanger.

Unlike hangers that resist gravity and create hanger bumps, MAJIGEEZ adapts to the weight of your sweaters, shirts, jackets, blouses, and delicate's to provide a natural curve that uses gravity like it should! 

Benefits of using majigeez

Do you have annoying SHOULDER BUMPS?

- MAJIGEEZ extends, adjusts, flexes and adapts to the weight of your clothes.

- Providing a natural curved shape that prevents those annoying HANGER BUMPS! 

We all struggle with this issue – clothes falling off hangers and onto the floor.

- MAJIGEEZ widens your hanger to prevent your clothes from falling down and keeps them in original shape. 

Most of prefer to hang dry our clothes - but are scared of those hanger bumps when our clothes fully dry.

 There are many benefits to hang drying clothes such as: 

- Prevents clothes from shrinking, colors from fading, and saves energy. 

- Clothes smell fresher when hang dried. 

- Less wear on fabric. 

MAJIGEEZ will adapt to the weight of you damp or wet clothes providing it with the support it needs to dry properly without leaving bumps. 

Additional Benefits

Exhausted from folding kids clothes and trying to neatly place them in drawers - only to find them back on the floor?

- MAJIGEEZ attaches to toddler hangers! Thus, allowing you to continue using your toddler hangers to fill the gap between toddler and standard sizes. 

- Save landfills by using toddler hangers until your kids can use standard hangers. 

Need an alternative to wood hangers?

- Stop overspending on wood hangers!

- Wood hangers do not prevent bumps and can possibly make a larger bump than a plastic hanger.

- MAJIGEEZ support the weight of any leather jacket, sport coat, or sweater.

Standard hangers not wide enough?

How Majigeez was founded

MAJIGEEZ (Ma-Jig-ease)

Our company was made from my mother (co-owner/inventor of MAJIGEEZ, Jessica Del Rosario) idea, back in the mid 90's, to prevent shoulder bumps on my brother's 2XL football jerseys. Recently, we ran into a problem with my sister's clothes falling on the floor as she just left them there because she was in a hurry to school. My mom came to me after she scolded my sister about her clean clothes all over the closet floor telling me that we needed to pursue our idea and come up with something that would fix these problems. She intended to give people something that was easy to use, cost-efficient, and a product to use on the hangers they already have.

While working on my parents home, my dad (co-owner/inventor of MAJIGEEZ, Larry San Nicolas), stumbled upon an idea to solve my moms problem. Using home made products, he developed a working prototype that my mom and I felt was the birth of MAJIGEEZ. 

I (co-owner/inventor of MAJIGEEZ, Frank Arceo) have a background in drafting and design worked with our manufacturer to come up with several different working prototypes that lived up to my mom's idea and my dad's prototype. While designing our product, we had to find what the problems of hangers were. We realized the problems with current hangers are: 

- They are rigid on the ends; therefore, they resist gravity which produces bumps; 

- They are too short for larger clothes;

- Although velvet hangers help with slipping, they bunch clothes up in unwanted areas; 

- Toddler hangers are too small for boys size 5-10 and girls size 8-12, but standard hangers are too big for them. 

- Wood hangers caused bumps in sweaters, leather jackets, and jerseys.  

By attaching MAJIGEEZ to your hanger (velvet, store, plastice, wire, and toddler) you can maximize its uses. Not only will you be able to prevent shoulder bumps, but you can also avoid your clean clothes slipping off the hanger and onto the floor. Plus, MAJIGEEZ gives you the added benefits of hang-drying wet garments, extending the length of hangers (men’s 7XL and women’s 4XL), holding garments up to 10 pounds, and maximizing the longevity of toddler hangers into adult sizes.